Kettlebell Reviews and Advice

There are a lot of different brands of kettlebells for sale out there, but some of the best we’ve seen are made by MuscleDriver. What we like about them is that they are well known in the fitness equipment industry, and they have several lines of kettlebells that have all been independently reviewed and tested to assure that they are high quality. They currently offer 5 different lines of kettlebells. The Black series, Blue series, Gray series, Fitness series, and Competition series.


MDUSA Blue Series Kettlebells

mdusa blue series kettlebell
The blue series is their newest line of kettlebell and made using a gravity casting process which produces a much more consistently perfect kettlebell. Most other kettlebells are made with sand casting, and this usually creates a few rough spots and irregularities that need to be corrected after the kettlebell is made and before its painted. That’s not the case with the Blue series due to the innovative casting process used.

These are perfect for CrossFit or any other kettlebell workout you might need to do. They’re¬†marked in kilograms and are our most highly recommended kettlebell. While they are a bit more expensive than the Black and Gray series listed below, you are ensuring kettlebell by purchasing this kettlebell. If you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars per kettlebell you purchase, then go ahead!

To check out the Blue Series kettlebells click HERE



MDUSA Black Series Kettlebells

mdusa black series kettlebell

The black series is one of the most popular kettlebells we’ve seen because of the matte black finish that just looks cool. It also helps that they’re made well and a great value. These are marked in pounds and so that might make it impossible to do some of the CrossFit workouts as prescribed, but you won’t be off by more than a few pounds.

Check out the Black Series kettlebell by clicking HERE

MDUSA Gray Series Kettlebells

mdusa gray series kettlebell

These kettlebells are essentially a hybrid between the Blue series and Black series. They’re made the same way as the Black series, but they are marked in kilograms and have the same textured finish as the Blue series. These are another great kettlebell for CrossFit and an excellent value.

Check out the Gray Series kettlebell by clicking HERE

MDUSA Fitness Series Kettlebells

mdusa fitness series kettlebell
These are vinyl coated kettlebells that are great for indoor use in a class setting. They vinyl coated to help protect against chipping or flaking paint and to also protect flooring. Kettlebells with no mess!

Perfect for fitness classes or training indoors, these kettlebells will last a lot longer than the cheap plastic ones, and will also not tear apart your hands.

Check out all the different sizes in this Fitness Series by clicking HERE



MDUSA Competition Kettlebells

mdusa v2 pro series competition kettlebell
Don’t let the name scare you… the “competition” kettlebell is simply used as a way to inform those who wish to compete that these kettlebells conform to competition standards.
These are a bit more expensive since all of them are the same size, but they are fantastic to use. Why? These are much easier on your wrists than the other kettlebells.
Also, if you want to compete, than training with what you’ll be using is extremely important. Finally, these are MUCH cheaper than every other decently made competition kettlebell, so you’re saving money while still choosing quality.

Competition kettlebells come in several different colors, check them all out by clicking HERE

Where to find these Kettlebells for Sale

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